Celebrating Living Wage Week

Celebrating Living Wage Week

Living Wage Employer

The NEW Living Wage rates for 2023/2024 are out! 

The Living Wage for 2023/24 has been increased, this will mean pay rises for hundreds of thousands of workers around the UK.

At AGS, we have been a Living Wage Employer for some years now and are happy to share the news to our many employees. The Living Wage has increase by 10%, meaning that rates are now worth over £3000 more per year in the UK than minimum wage, and over £5000 more when working in London. The new rates of £12.00ph and £13.15ph will make a huge difference to our hardworking employees.

The Living Wage Foundation helps over 460,000 people to earn a more comfortable salary, which is especially important during the current cost of living crisis. Recent research has found that because of the cost-of-living crisis, 50% of low paid workers are worse off now than they were last year. The Living Wage Foundation plans to better this situation, by being the only wage rate that is independently calculated to reflect rising living costs.

It is important to AGS that we partner with RLW clients and suppliers and actively encourage this through future new business and partnership opportunities.



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