At AGS Recruitment we never forget that we are in the business of finding both talented and committed staff for our clients.

However, not all recruitment agencies are the same, especially in the transport sector. We take great pride in listening to our clients’ requirements from briefing, timings and objectives before making any recommendations. It may sound a little obvious to some, but we don’t just review the skills and knowledge, but the personality, values and their ethics. In addition, we specialise in providing top quality labour supply to companies within the public and private sectors.

What we believe and why this approach?

Firstly, it’s important that we don’t just understand the job, but paramount that we also understand the company culture of the business we are looking to place someone in.

Secondly, it’s important to investigate beyond the role and look at the values, the environment or division and who they will be working for.

Finally, it’s key that we understand what will be expected of the candidate from the initial brief, throughout the interview process and with the confirmation of the position, be it a temporary job or a permanent position. It would be all too simple just to pick a candidate that ‘on paper’ fits the role, but we take additional care to ensure the candidate understands the environment and atmosphere they will be working in.


What our clients say about us

Our partnership with AGS Recruitment is based on their unwavering commitment to get the job done. The support they give us on a daily basis is the best we have received from any agency. A big thanks to everyone!

David Donovan

As a client, we have high expectations of our suppliers to meet our demands. AGS Recruitment understands our requirements and consistently delivers, even with some of our more challenging roles.

Colin Marshall

We worked closely with Annie and the team from the initial brief of recruiting 100 plus skilled labourers across our Ilford and Old Oak Depot. Still in awe of how they managed to turn this around so quickly given the recruitment criteria. Your hard work continues to pay off.

Nana Afful

Other clients we work with include…

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